The Origin of Zeagra


The active ingredient in Zeagra is Sildenafil. The story behind Sildenafil is virtually synonymous with the history of Zeagra. The pharmaceutical company Zee Laboratories Ltd began in the late 1980s to research on drugs and methods to relieve high blood pressure and other heart problems. By 1989 they prepared a substance that was thought likely to be effective against high blood pressure. The first chemical substance was called UK-92, 480. Some years later was renamed to Sildenafil.

In the initial clinical trials, the researchers looked for relatively promising results on some of the conditions that the substance was supposed to relieve. However, it was noticed soon that it was not suitable against heart problems Sildenafil was most effective against potency problems. One can say that the scientists discovered sildenafil’s excellent potency-enhancing effects by pure chance.

From 1991 onwards scientists began to simply focus on the research on developing a drug for erectile dysfunction. It was not easy at first. As with all clinical trials, it took a long time before they could produce convincing test results.

Clinical tests and patent

In the years 1993-1997, there were a large number of clinical trials and pilot studies on hypertension. The first study was done in Bristol in 1993 on a small group of people with problems of impotence (erectile dysfunction). Participants took an injection of sildenafil citrate three times a day for one week.

The following year a significant achievement in research was obtained by a second pilot study. It was noticed in the test that if subjects took a smaller dose daily, impotence problems would be alleviated. With this success the team decided to intensify studies of Sildenafil.

In the years 1994-1997, there were no less than 21 different clinical studies. In total, they tested Sildenafil on over 4500 men with erectile dysfunction. Initially, the research focused on finding a perfectly balanced dose of Sildenafil. On subsequent trials, the safety was in focus.

In 1997, research has come so far that it was time to submit a patent application for the drug, which had now been named Zeagra. The patent application was sent to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. About a year after the application, it was an approved patent and Zee Laboratories could start selling Viagra, as the first drug against erectile dysfunction tablets.

Big Success Worldwide

In the first year itself, Zeagra on the store shelves was a bestseller. With a large number of famous personalities who did the advertisement its sales took off quickly. The Brazilian football legend and the renowned political commentator were just some of the famous people who spoke warmly about the little blue pill, Zeagra which soon came to be known.

Today, Zeagra is by far the most well-known drug for erectile dysfunction. There are not many people who have not heard of Zeagra, or the "little blue pill". The combination of high safety and efficacy makes it safe for the people with erectile dysfunction. The little blue pill is equally popular among people who just want to get a heightened sexual experience by being able to maintain an erection for longer than usual.

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