Zeagra(Viagra) should be taken only once per day and one hour before the sexual intercourse. Failure to follow the written instructions, then side effects are likely to occur which might be severe. Clear instructions are; take the medicine only once per day, take it one hour before the sexual intercourse and finally take it only when needed. Many hospital reports indicate that there are reported cases whereby men take the drug twice or thrice per day so as to increase their sexual performance but this are dangerous since they end up having severe side effects which can cause physical impairment.

It is actually good to follow the doctor’s instructions simply because Zeagra can only make you gain erection when there is sexual stimulation. There are those men who just take the drug and stay idle to wait until the one hour is over to see the effects. It should be noted that effects may fail to occur simply because there was no sexual arouse which is actually necessary for this kind of medicine to show its effects. Failure to follow instructions can make people claim that the drug is not effective but it is actually their own fault since they do not follow the prescriptions provided by the doctor.

What should be noted seriously is that in case one experiences Zeagra 50 side effects during the sexual intercourse, he is supposed to stop immediately and see the doctor. There are also cases whereby you miss a dose and that you want to recover it. It is advisable to take the missed dose as soon as you remember and do not take extra medicine to make up the missed dose. Avoid alcohol and other medicines that treat impotence when you are taking doses of this kind of erectile dysfunction drug.

It is worth to note that like any other medication, Zeagra is supposed to be taken as per the doctor’s prescriptions. Those people who do not follow these prescriptions end up either overdosing or under-dosing the medicine which is actually very dangerous. All the instructions and prescriptions on how to take the medicine are attached in a label very clear to the user. Therefore, the safer way of taking the medicine is actually to follow all the instructions provided and thus minimal or no side effects will be reported. It is advisable to not take smaller or larger doses than the recommended ones. What should be noted by the users is that Zeagra 100 is taken only when needed. There are cases whereby, people just take the medication at their own times and this causes side effects whereby some are serious. The medicine should only be taken when one is planning to have a sexual intercourse. This is one hour before the act so that you give the medicine time to show its effects. Taking the medicine without any sexual intercourse plan can actually cause unwanted erections that can eventually cause pain in the penis and might be dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended to take the drug only when needed so that it shows its effects well after a sexual arouse.


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